VisaJourney – A Place for a Friend

With all the worries that was inside me I joined a website Visajourney where many others who are going through the same painful phrase “Visa Process”. Since there are a lot of fake marriages out there it makes it tough on the genuine marriages. The one that are taking the hit are the one that’s for real. Those who are fakes got nothing to loose. That’s one of the reason why I joined the website to better prep for myself.

This morning I woke up hearing my iPhone 4 bing e-mail alert a message from a friend “Jerry & Fiona”. Its the first compliment that I recieve ever since I started blogging over at and Most of e-mails I get are such as “you’re stupid” ; “Fucken Tard, don’t tell so much shit about yourself”

Jerry & Fiona said:

I really enjoyed your blogsite about your new life with your wife and child(ren). I spent about an hour on it this morning. Lovely photos also. We did ours about 2 months after you in Hue.
Honestly up to this day I don’t really care anymore what other things. It’s just a way of soothing our hearts. Sometimes its hard to speak it out to a friend because they won’t listen. Beside they probably got their own life to deal with. That’s why I decide to blog. Those who care for me would read when they have time in their life to keep update with mine. I love to do the same, but not many of my friends do that. Actually none of my friend does it.
In my reply to Jerry I said that it’s just a natural process because I don’t know what to do when I’m not speaking using Facetime or Skype with my wife. I direct call sometimes but its really expensive. I rather save the phone calls and send my wife the money to make her living in Vietnam a lot easier. Therefore my only resort is writing about what I feel and the Visa process and the wait. Once I decide to love someone I love them with all my heart. The day I place the ring on my wife finger that’s the day I promise my heart she’ll be the only one I love till the day I die. I can’t always be spending time over Facetime and Skype with her because she has her own life too that she has to maintain over there. To love someone we all have to learn to be freely open. We cannot be so controlling over one’s life. Therefore my resort to writing about my life towards my life. My love towards my new life. I never thought at this age I would meet a friend so far away from where I am living. A friend who just compliment and suggest.
Waking up in the morning and hearing such compliment start out a good day for me. At first I felt kinda crappy waking up but after reading the message I am full with energy. Thank you Jerry for going through the same feeling. It’s good to know that I am not the only one that’s going through this.