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Since this is a real marriage I began to worry from all sorts of things. I’m worried how can I make it easier for my wife who has limited education process goes easier. She doesn’t know much except work on the farmland and sweatshops. Therefore I got curious and started to ask lawyers online at Later I got curious and sent an email to US Consulate in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. I have fell in love before and know exactly how it feels to be sepeated from your love ones. Now that I am having feeling for Huong everyday of my life.  I know I love her dearly. I don’t think I can be seperated from her more then 3 months! I would die if that hapens after our marriage. Therefore I began to worry all sorts of things. That is also the reason why I decide to stay in Vietnam for one year with my wife each trip till she gets her visa. So the plan: I’ll head back to Vietnam and get marry with my wife then stay there to start the visa process. After my Vietnamese Visa close to expire I’ll head back to the state for 1-2 months then head back to Vietnam again to be with my fiancee.


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Hi There!
I’m going back to marry my fiacne in two months. My jobs allow me to work anywhere in the world. Could I start the process in Vietnam or do I have to go back to the United States to start the process. I’m a US Citizen. Please let me know whats is right. thank you



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Dear Cardin Nguyen,
If you want to bring your fiancé to the U.S. and get married to her in the U.S., you have to file a petition for a fiancé visa for her.  Please contact the Citizenship and Immigration Services Office in your city for specific instructions and forms.   
If you want to get married in Vietnam, please ask your fiancé to contact the Justice Department (So Tu Phap) from her province for specific instructions and forms.  After you obtain a Vietnamese Marriage Certificate, you may want to file petition for an immigrant visa for your wife to join you in the U.S.  To do that, you also have to contact the CIS office in your city for specific forms and procedure.
Please refer to the attached website
for your information.
We hope the information is helpful.
American Citizens Services Unit
Consular Section
U.S. Embassy
Hanoi, Vietnam