Ultra Sound – its a boy!

I got my wife an iPhone 4 when I went back to Vietnam last October! I jailbreaked the iPhone on iOS 4.2.1 and unlocked it with Ultrasnow on baseband  So far after many months using facetime in Vietnam and now in the United States I really love it. It’s so cool to be able to call your wife any minute and see her. OHHH yeah forgot to mention that I also installed Facebreak which allows me to chat with her on 3G when she’s not home and on the go!

Anyways my wife just did an ultra sound a few days ago and I’m expecting a baby boy in september! Anyways thats the news for today! I suggest you guys to find some kind of form of communication to reduce your miss feeling like me! I got two iPhone 4 jailbroken and unlocked on iOS 4.2.1 and ultrasnow unlocked baseband! Works WELL!