Ooma Devices – Communication in Vietnam

Here’s a secret that I like to share. I know that Phone Card could get really expensive if you love your wife and miss her so much. Now that I got internet for my wife awhile back it is tough to keep her computer on all the time. Skype is a good way to communnicate but then your fiance always have to keep her Computer on. Electricity in Vietnam gets very expensive so they always tend to turn it off.

8 months ago I came across a device call Ooma that I’ve been using for 2 months. It works well in my home without interruption. After moving home to my parents house I took the device to Vietnam. I install it at my wife house and now she literally has a USA phone number. She can call me without any charges directly to my Cell phone. I can call her any time locally too! It works out well.

It saves me roughly 100-400 in phone bills. I only have to pay federal taxes. Please before you proceed check with your local internet in the country that you wife is in. It may not be ok. Now that Vietnam have VOIP service I think its ok to install that. If its not ok we’ll get a warning and I’ll just remove the device. I’ve been using the device for the last 6 month so far and it works well. The only time that the device was down when internet/power went out.