Introduce – Le Thi Huong (Fiancee)

Le Thi HuongIn October 2009, I called back home to my uncle 6 (Bac 6) and said that I will be going to Vietnam in a year after saving up my cash. I told him that I was having a tough time finding a stable, loyal, and true commitment relationship. He that its better I get marry to a Vietnamese girl there in Vietnam. Tay Ninh is mostly farmlands. We grew up with farmlands and understand the value of money. Mostly girls there have limited education and work hard for their money.  We talked about 3 hrs discussing the value of traditional aspects of the Vietnamese culture. I major in Computer Science and minor in Sociology, therefore I’m familiar with what my uncle 6 was saying. I finally agree to be introduced to several girls. 

A couple months later in January 2010, my uncle called me and said that he found a gal for me. Her name is Le Thi Huong. He mail me her pictures and I have to admit she is damn pretty. Not only that I fell in love for her looks. After talking with Huong for two months I really love her. The way she talks isn’t like “I’m all that, I want this, I want that” kind of talk when you date here in United States. I dated 5 girls and married 1 Vietnamese girl that was here. It’s not the same. She taught me many Vietnamese Traditional aspects that I am missing out. This is when I began to appreciate the value of Vietnamese arranged traditional marriage. Nearly my relatives, close friends, and other people I know around Tay Nnih that are married have been together nearly all their life. That’s when I accepted to marry Huong without hesitation. Huong taught me the family values that I am missing and how family as one is important in our culture. Another example would be my parents at home that I am missing out. Since I was young my parent’s (Dad – Tiet Nguyen & Mom – Che Thi Khoi) fought everyday. They called the cops a couple of times and still are together even after huge fights that most people would break up by then. My ex-wife and I fought over small things all the time then give up the third time.  I tried to hold together the relationship but then it didn’t work out because she walked out. Those are the reason why I accepted this marriage. I accepted it because I want a stable and honest relationship that that last forever and agree to marry Huong. I then called my uncle up and agree to the wedding. That’s when uncle 6 went over to Huong parents and asked for hands in holy marriage agreement between the parents. Now shes officially my fiancee. Two family agree on the arrange marriage with both our approval. That ties the bonds between two family. Both family now officially agree move forward with the wedding. I’ll write about how this process works when my uncle (represented my parents, due to the fact that we live in the states, my uncle has the rights to represent my parents to go over to the bride side.) goes over to the brides house to ask for marriage. If her parents accepts then that ties the bond of the arranged marriage. Later that week my uncle called back and said that her parents agree to the wedding. February 17, 2010 started my arranged marriage journey!

Huong family background got me excited. Huong is the youngest out of 10 childrens. My uncle wife (Bac 6 gai) is Huongs aunt. Huong family grandmother had 7 girls. Bac 6 gai is the youngest of them all (Huong call bac 6 = bac 7). Therefore Huong background of family tradition and value my family knows really well. She luckily went to school up to 9th grade, but had to drop out because her family couldn’t afford her to go to school. At the age of 16 she started to work in sweatshop ever since supporting her family. She was making  $1, 900, 000 VN Dong (about $100 US currency) from 7am to 8pm workdays roughly everyday. Ever since I accepted the arranged marriaged I asked her to quit her shortly after. Since then I paid technical training. I paid her to head back to vocation training school. Since majority of Asian with limited English works mostly in nails salons or hair salon. I explained the situation here in United States. She decided to take nails and hair both as her career. Since then I been sending money back to Vietnam $200 a month to support her education and monthly fees. I continued to do this till I’m able to be with my fiance.

After that month I saved up every dime  and watched my budget careful to save enough money to head back to Vietnam in October to have this Vietnamese Traditional Wedding. I have no clue how a real Vietnamese Traditional wedding is like so I did a bit of research to read on it. Don’t get me wrong through. I been through a lot of traditional Vietnamese wedding here in United States, but from what I was told from family and Huong it is nothing like the States wedding. I’ll write more about how my arranged marriage is like when I actually have one. If you want to read a little background how it is like there’s the link below. Traditional Wedding changes overtime as the era changes.

Here’s more pictures of Huong. These pictures are scan professional pictures that she sent me. 
Huong Gallery

Background Song:Thuong Moi Tinh Dau – Yen Vy” – according to what Huong said this is her first relationship. She didn’t have the time to date due to her time frame. This song is sang fro Yen Vy which talks about the love for the first love.

Traditional Wedding