Dam Noi / Dam Dam – Permission to Marry

In Vietnam there’s are usually three steps before a marriage takes place.

1. Dam Dam / Dam Noi – its when the groom side goes over to the bride side to ask parents permission if they approve of the wedding. If they approve that’s when both parents discuss about the Dam Hoi and Dam Cuoi (Party and Wedding day).

2.) Dam Hoi – it’s a party day pretty much. Groom goes over bride side to pick up the bride and do ceremonial stuff.

3.) Dam Cuoi – its the big important date.

Huong did our Dam Dam (Dam Noi) on October 31, 2010 which was fun. At the Dam Noi we discuss how the wedding going to take place. Since my Tiet (my father) is in Vietnam for a few weeks only we asked permission of we could have Dam Hoi and Wedding on the same day. Huong parents accepted so we did it all in the same day.

Here’s videos of how Dam Dam looks like!


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