VisaJourney – A Place for a Friend

With all the worries that was inside me I joined a website Visajourney where many others who are going through the same painful phrase “Visa Process”. Since there are a lot of fake marriages out there it makes it tough on the genuine marriages. The one that are taking the hit are the one that’s […]

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Ultra Sound – its a boy!

I got my wife an iPhone 4 when I went back to Vietnam last October! I jailbreaked the iPhone on iOS 4.2.1 and unlocked it with Ultrasnow on baseband  So far after many months using facetime in Vietnam and now in the United States I really love it. It’s so cool to be able […]

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Proof of being Single – Ly Hon – Divorce

I just went down to chu Nam Phuong to sign my single certificate and gets it approve State of Washington. Now we have to wait 1.5 months to get the certification. It doesn’t cost anymore at all. It cost what I paid him to do the paper works.

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Contact Proof, But what if Skype is used?

According to all those who apply for a visa for their Fiance stated that we have to show proof of communication. My question is that since you spend so much money week on phone bills I got fiancee a computer and internet so we can talk over the phone. Doesn’t that affect us? That makes […]

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5 hrs shopping

The closer it gets to your departure October 26 it gets a lot harder! Today I went to watch Inception and spent about 5 hours in the mall shopping for clothes! Summer clothes are getting cheaper! I never been a shop-a-ho-lic but the thought of being in Vietnam makes it easier to shop. I spent […]

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Return Home – Ve Que Em

Everyday it gets closer to leaving I’m getting excited. It gets harder to sleep everyday thinking of how fun it would be in Vietnam. Though I grew up in United States 95% of my life time I still could feel the connection with Vietnam. Remembering back to Summer of 2001 when I visited Vietnam I […]

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Phone Call: Viet Tradition: 3 years slave labor

This morning I had an interesting talk with my father about traditional weddings. A few weeks back we talked about how we're not going to have "Dinh Hon / Le An Hoi" because of the timeframe that my father will be in Vietnam. While I was doing my research how to obtain Visa's for my […]

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Tay Ninh, Vietnam

I started this website dedicated to Tay Ninh, Vietnam where I was born. I will be talking about Vietnam in particular. I will also discuss about my arrange marriage in vietnam. Stay tune while I’ll fix up all the kinks of this website. I did not start this website to discuss about southern or northern […]

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