About Me – Trong Nguyen

I’ve been am a simple and honest man who loves to write blogs of my self over at Cardin Nguyen(I’m know as Cardin), but since this website is dedicated to my Vietnamese heritage hence I am using Trong Nguyen to write this journal. I have been through a lot through life grew up in a pretty poor family. While going through Kindergarten to high school I had a few good friends such as Brandon Walsh and Lloyd Lupfer who wasn’t interested in education. Though that didn’t stop me from trying to get the best education. I graduated high school with a 3.5 average GPA and head directly to Western Washington University to further my education where I met my ex-wife (Ngoc-Tran Nguyen). Shortly she gave birth to Nguyen Thanh Trieu (Nickname: Travis). But because we marriage at an early age we found that we’re not compatible and separated a couple of months after Trieu birth. Hence my divorce was inevitable.

I have been a single father ever since trying to raise my son alone. My ex-wife and I was separated for awhile and then went through court to file a divorce later on in August 2009 (even though we’re decided we’re not compatible for each other 2008). Raising Trieu is a tough job alone when I have to clean, work, and give my son the best childhood possible. When I was young my father couldn’t spend time with me much. He had to work because we were immigrant from Vietnam. After nearly two years raising my son alone I found it got tough doing a mother job so I gave myself another chance to love again. Many nights I lay thinking of how my parents had an arrange marriage and had worse arguments but still together till this day. One day while talking with my father he bought up going back to Vietnam to marry a girl. My dad gave me Uncle 6 (bac 6) phone number and later that week  gave him a call. After 9 years of not giving a single call to my family I felt really bad. I visited Vietnam in 2001 for vacation but since then I lost communication with my family. That week in October 2009 my uncle was happy that I actually called after many years. We spent several hours talking on the phone updating each other what happen. That’s when he bought up the subject again

“Why don’t you ge have an arrange marriage?” . After few minutes thinking quietly I accepted the offer and asked uncle 6 to go find a good girl. That’s how it started my journey of an arranged marriage.

Background Song:Con Nho Con Thuong – Truong Vu” – I chose this song because it represent this blog really well. Basically this songs mean that every moment thinking of you means I love you more.