Dam Noi / Dam Dam – Permission to Marry

In Vietnam there’s are usually three steps before a marriage takes place. 1. Dam Dam / Dam Noi – its when the groom side goes over to the bride side to ask parents permission if they approve of the wedding. If they approve that’s when both parents discuss about the Dam Hoi and Dam Cuoi […]

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Ooma Devices – Communication in Vietnam

Here’s a secret that I like to share. I know that Phone Card could get really expensive if you love your wife and miss her so much. Now that I got internet for my wife awhile back it is tough to keep her computer on all the time. Skype is a good way to communnicate […]

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VisaJourney – A Place for a Friend

With all the worries that was inside me I joined a website Visajourney where many others who are going through the same painful phrase “Visa Process”. Since there are a lot of fake marriages out there it makes it tough on the genuine marriages. The one that are taking the hit are the one that’s […]

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I-130 Mailed NOA1 Recieved

I totally forgot to update you guys! I mailed my I-130 package back in January 20 and recieved my Notice of Acceptance 1 (NOA1) Jaunary 27, 2011. They are currently reviewing my petition which could take up to 5 months before it gets sent to national visa center!

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Ultra Sound – its a boy!

I got my wife an iPhone 4 when I went back to Vietnam last October! I jailbreaked the iPhone on iOS 4.2.1 and unlocked it with Ultrasnow on baseband  So far after many months using facetime in Vietnam and now in the United States I really love it. It’s so cool to be able […]

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