Dam Noi / Dam Dam – Permission to Marry

In Vietnam there’s are usually three steps before a marriage takes place.

1. Dam Dam / Dam Noi – its when the groom side goes over to the bride side to ask parents permission if they approve of the wedding. If they approve that’s when both parents discuss about the Dam Hoi and Dam Cuoi (Party and Wedding day).

2.) Dam Hoi – it’s a party day pretty much. Groom goes over bride side to pick up the bride and do ceremonial stuff.

3.) Dam Cuoi – its the big important date.

Huong did our Dam Dam (Dam Noi) on October 31, 2010 which was fun. At the Dam Noi we discuss how the wedding going to take place. Since my Tiet (my father) is in Vietnam for a few weeks only we asked permission of we could have Dam Hoi and Wedding on the same day. Huong parents accepted so we did it all in the same day.

Here’s videos of how Dam Dam looks like!


Online Viewing:

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Ooma Devices – Communication in Vietnam

Here’s a secret that I like to share. I know that Phone Card could get really expensive if you love your wife and miss her so much. Now that I got internet for my wife awhile back it is tough to keep her computer on all the time. Skype is a good way to communnicate but then your fiance always have to keep her Computer on. Electricity in Vietnam gets very expensive so they always tend to turn it off.

8 months ago I came across a device call Ooma that I’ve been using for 2 months. It works well in my home without interruption. After moving home to my parents house I took the device to Vietnam. I install it at my wife house and now she literally has a USA phone number. She can call me without any charges directly to my Cell phone. I can call her any time locally too! It works out well.

It saves me roughly 100-400 in phone bills. I only have to pay federal taxes. Please before you proceed check with your local internet in the country that you wife is in. It may not be ok. Now that Vietnam have VOIP service I think its ok to install that. If its not ok we’ll get a warning and I’ll just remove the device. I’ve been using the device for the last 6 month so far and it works well. The only time that the device was down when internet/power went out.

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VisaJourney – A Place for a Friend

With all the worries that was inside me I joined a website Visajourney where many others who are going through the same painful phrase “Visa Process”. Since there are a lot of fake marriages out there it makes it tough on the genuine marriages. The one that are taking the hit are the one that’s for real. Those who are fakes got nothing to loose. That’s one of the reason why I joined the website to better prep for myself.

This morning I woke up hearing my iPhone 4 bing e-mail alert a message from a friend “Jerry & Fiona”. Its the first compliment that I recieve ever since I started blogging over at CardinNguyen.com and TrongNguyen.com. Most of e-mails I get are such as “you’re stupid” ; “Fucken Tard, don’t tell so much shit about yourself”

Jerry & Fiona said:

I really enjoyed your blogsite about your new life with your wife and child(ren). I spent about an hour on it this morning. Lovely photos also. We did ours about 2 months after you in Hue.
Honestly up to this day I don’t really care anymore what other things. It’s just a way of soothing our hearts. Sometimes its hard to speak it out to a friend because they won’t listen. Beside they probably got their own life to deal with. That’s why I decide to blog. Those who care for me would read when they have time in their life to keep update with mine. I love to do the same, but not many of my friends do that. Actually none of my friend does it.

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I-130 Mailed NOA1 Recieved

I totally forgot to update you guys! I mailed my I-130 package back in January 20 and recieved my Notice of Acceptance 1 (NOA1) Jaunary 27, 2011. They are currently reviewing my petition which could take up to 5 months before it gets sent to national visa center!

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Ultra Sound – its a boy!

I got my wife an iPhone 4 when I went back to Vietnam last October! I jailbreaked the iPhone on iOS 4.2.1 and unlocked it with Ultrasnow on baseband¬† So far after many months using facetime in Vietnam and now in the United States I really love it. It’s so cool to be able to call your wife any minute and see her. OHHH yeah forgot to mention that I also installed Facebreak which allows me to chat with her on 3G when she’s not home and on the go!

Anyways my wife just did an ultra sound a few days ago and I’m expecting a baby boy in september! Anyways thats the news for today! I suggest you guys to find some kind of form of communication to reduce your miss feeling like me! I got two iPhone 4 jailbroken and unlocked on iOS 4.2.1 and ultrasnow unlocked baseband! Works WELL!

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New Member – Birth Abroad

Sorry, it’s been so long that I haven’t post anything on here. I have good news! I been married since November 5, 2010 and my wife is pregnant 4 months now. Though we didn’t expect having any new member added to our family, but its good news. We didn’t on plan having another baby. Now that my wife is pregnant it should be a bit easier for her to obtain her visa.

My new infant will auto get citizenship at birth abroad thanks to U.S. law makers. According to Ho Chi Minh Consulate General of the United States in Vietnam my son gets citizenship due the following:


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5 Months in Vietnam

I just came back from 5 months in Vietnam. I enjoyed my time there. I’ll update you guys with my wedding pictures and tell you exactly what happen.

for now you can view the pictures at:



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Tay Ninh, Vietnam My Travel Gear

This article isn’t a completely list of what you should bring to Vietnam to make the best of the trip. Every trip should be plan out to some extend, but most likely will never go as planned. Below are list of what I will be bring with me down to the dime.

Cost of Trip
2 Adult x $880 Per Ticket *
1 Child x 745 Per Ticket *
* This includes Visa’s & entry permit to vietnam.

Person Traveling on October 25, 2010
– Tiet Nguyen (My Dad)
РTrieu Nguyen (My Son)
– Trong Nguyen (Me of course_

Carry on Luggage

– 6 boxs x 60 lb (each person gets 2 luggage)

Cash on Hand

0 dollas

Travel Wiki

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Proof of being Single – Ly Hon – Divorce

I just went down to chu Nam Phuong to sign my single certificate and gets it approve State of Washington. Now we have to wait 1.5 months to get the certification. It doesn’t cost anymore at all. It cost what I paid him to do the paper works.

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Contact Proof, But what if Skype is used?

According to all those who apply for a visa for their Fiance stated that we have to show proof of communication. My question is that since you spend so much money week on phone bills I got fiancee a computer and internet so we can talk over the phone. Doesn’t that affect us? That makes sense back in the day but I don’t think it make sense now becuase phone is quite expensive if you talk alot. My fiance and I skype nearly everyday to save up money for our wedding. Hmmm… time to spend more money to talk with my fiance..


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