About TN

Hello There!

I’m Trong (aka Cardin) Nguyen. I started this website to tell the world the love I have for my natural birth country Vietnam. I was born in Vietnam but raised in the United States since I was 3 years old.

I started Trong Nguyen to let the world know where Tay Ninh, Vietnam is. This site will contain blogs of my 1.5 years in Vietnam, other visitation to Vietnam, the city that I was born in, and last but not least the Country where I was born.

I will also blog about my arranged Vietnamese wedding in details for the world to view how a modern day traditional Vietnamese wedding looks like. How western culture has influence the way traditional wedding is.

Some might disagree with arranged marriage and some will agree its the best course route. For some its hard to find a perfect women. For some its easy for them to come across that women they love. For some its just easier for them to arrange marriage because they simple dont know what to do. I’m just one of them! I need a woman who would allow me to love her for the rest of her life. Thats why I agreed to have an arranged marriage!

Please note that I go by Cardin Nguyen (http://www.cardinnguyen.com) and not Trong Nguyen. I use this domain to blog about my stay in Vietnam and wedding. I will also blog about the stay and daily activity over at CardinNguyen.com website as well.